Hustle To Get Some Muscle

Let’s remind ourselves today why strength training is important. “Lifting weights is the best way to build muscle and lose fat for women. While a woman is on diet, exercise is also necessary since it speeds up metabolism. When you diet, you cut on calories which can lead to muscle loss. In this case, weight lifting is needed to build and keep muscle mass. This is very important since the more lean mass the body has the more calories it burns at rest. Weight lifting cannot only help the metabolism to become strong but also keeps the energy level high and give the much needed boost to fat loss!” So regular strength training is just as important as cardio exercise for losing fat and getting fit. Don’t avoid it! A lot of women don’t want to start a weight-training program because they’re afraid to bulk up. But you can’t get a toned and tight body without lifting some weights, Jackie Warner says. For the best results, focus on working the biggest muscle groups—chest, back, butt and legs.

Hustle to get some muscle! Have a great day! 🙂

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