Sunday Workout Quotes: Sundays Are For Gym, Food & Naps

The weekend is coming to an end and it is time for reality to hit in as we return to our everyday responsibilities on Monday morning.

This article, containing the best Sunday workout quotes will make sure that when reality hits you are agile enough to dodge the hit and strong enough to return one.

All good things come to an end. While this fact is also applicable to weekends, I would argue that most of us believe that we need more time between Friday and Sunday. 

However, I have a great recommendation on how to make your Sundays fuller. The secret trick is to be as active and productive as possible!

While there are many ways to stay active, my go-to recommendation is to invest in your physical health with some proper workouts. 

Sunday’s can be especially low in intensity, but we need to take advantage of these situations and direct that excess energy into exercising.

The only thing that keeps me from Sunday workouts is my preconceived notion that I have to slack off on Sundays.

The Sunday workout quotes below help me realize that this attitude is only in my head. If you can relate to this feeling, then I wholeheartedly suggest you take a glance at them as well!

Sunday fitness motivation quotes

To be fit and healthy oftentimes requires that we overcome ourselves. Because strength does not come from what you can do.

It comes from overcoming the things you once thought you could not. A great start to overcoming the barriers preventing us from working out is Sunday fitness motivation quotes. Why do you ask?

Because most of the barriers we see in front of us are of a mental nature and inspiration is an efficient way to build bridges between ourselves and the goals we would like to achieve. 

Sunday Workout Quotes

The grind includes Sunday.

Fitness motivation quotes are a great source of inspiration and I highly recommend you take advantage of them!

Sunday morning workout quotes

What is synonymous with Sunday mornings? Sleeping in until noon! In this context, waking up on Sunday morning to work out seems almost like the complete opposite.

But believe me that you will feel much more rested throughout the day if you get out of bed an hour early for a workout session than if you sleep for ten hours.

Moreover, a good Sunday morning workout means that you can transition into a long morning and a well-deserved breakfast of champions full of protein and nutrition without worrying that you will fill up too much to eat lunch.

If we think about it, a Sunday morning workout can really help us finish the week in a truly satisfactory fashion.

To help you experience this sensation, I have prepared a list of Sunday morning workout quotes!

Happy Sunday fitness quotes

Sundays can sometimes be outshined by the fact that Monday and our daily responsibilities are in front of our doorstep. The fact that Sunday can be outshined is quite ironic since it literally has the word sun in its name.

To retain Sunday’s reputation as a bright and happy day, you should consider checking out this collection of happy Sunday fitness quotes that will turn your attention to the present rather than tomorrow.

Moreover, you should also consider a happy Sunday workout session! You should be telling yourself that today I will do what others won’t, so tomorrow I can accomplish what others can’t.

We can worry about the problems of Monday once we get there because there is no need for them to ruin the last day of your weekend.

Sunday weight loss quotes

Thinking about going to the gym on Sunday burns between 0 and 0 calories.

While planning your workout is an important step towards getting to your desired weight loss results you still need to take that one additional step and materialize your plans in the form of a workout.

Yes, this also means Sundays! There is no room for us to slack off any day of the week.

Even though this might be the greatest of all temptations on Sunday, we still need to encourage ourselves to do our workout program, burn those excess calories, and live a healthier and fitter life.

You can find my favorite Sunday weight loss quotes in the section below.

Sunday Funday fitness quotes

Remember how working out stopped being a chore and started being a fun activity? You have only just begun with your training program? Do not worry you will get there soon. 

Especially if you take advantage of the days when you have the most flexibility to overcome the strains of taking on working out. I do not believe that any day is more flexible and convenient than Sunday.

I am aware that it can be discouraging to work out during the week when you have to coordinate and compensate your training schedule with other activities and responsibilities. 

But Sundays are without a care in the world. Usually, people go out of their way to leave you to your own devices.

Take a look at this collection of Sunday Funday fitness quotes and you will quickly realize why Sunday might possibly be the perfect day for your workout routine.

Workout on Sunday quotes

What kind of attitude you bring to your workout largely depends on its type. Are you going for lifting heavy weights, take a long run, improve your flexibility, or work on your overall endurance?

Any of these may be the fundamental part of your Sunday workout routine. However, our Sunday moods are more or less all the same. Laid back and relaxed.

A relaxed and chill attitude is not always going to work with every kind of training type. That is why you need to search for an external source that will direct your mind into the desired state.

There are several ways to do this. However, I prefer to look at my collection of Workout on Sunday quotes, which I encourage you to check out as well!

Some people rest on Sundays. I don’t

Some people rest on Sundays. I don’t

Sundays are for slaying

Sundays are for slaying

Today’s not Sunday. It’s gains day

Today’s not Sunday. It’s gains day.

On sundays we lift

On Sundays we lift.

Lazy Sunday. Maybe for some people

Lazy Sunday? Maybe for some people.

Sundays are for beast mode and cheat meals

Sundays are for beast mode and cheat meals.

Saturdays are for gains. Sundays are for more gains

Saturdays are for gains. Sundays are for more gains

Funny Sunday workout quotes

What better way to finish the week than with a nice and heartfelt laugh? That is basically what the spirit of every single Sunday should be. A relaxing and positive day.

Your Sunday workout should follow a positive spirit as well. You should enjoy your Sunday workout the same way you enjoy your time spent with friends and family on Sundays.

You should rest your body as well as rest your soul and ambitions with a workout. Finally, you should share the laughs you will have while looking over this collection of Funny Sunday workout quotes with your friends and most of all, your gym bros!

Sunday. Gym. Food. And a lot of naps

Sunday. Gym. Food. And a lot of naps.

For more funny workout quotes click here!


Sunday is just as much a workout day as any other day of the week. Sure, it has its specific characteristics, but none of them are mutually exclusive with your workout program.

So keep doing those Sunday exercises and stay active. To help you in this pursuit I have prepared this article, which I hope has been helpful to you and will be helpful for you any Sunday you may need something to direct you toward your workout.

If there is anything else I can help you with within this context, feel free to post in the comment section below!