Best Leg Day Quotes: Productive Workouts, Massive Outcomes

When it comes to leg day, we prefer to be in denial and pretend that we must have mixed up our workout schedule.

While most of us are not on the best terms with leg days, this collection of best leg day quotes will help you build a healthy relationship with them.

Leg days should be marked with a skull on the weekly workout schedule because they take every single atom of energy I have.

Even going to the gym on leg day sometimes seems like a more difficult task than doing any other workout routine ten times over.

However, leg days are difficult with good reason since they work the largest muscle group in our body.

Moreover, leg days also include several compound exercises, such as the squat and deadlift, which activate other muscle groups as well.

All of this might make leg days the most exhausting workout split of the week, but it also makes it the most productive split in your weekly workout schedule.

For this reason, you shouldn’t think about the fatigue you will feel after leg days, but the advantages leg days provide in the pursuit of your personal goals.

Leg day motivation quotes

Whether we are doing fitness, bodybuilding, athletics, or any kind of targeted workout plan, our goal is to have an overall impact on all muscle groups.

Moreover, because the biggest muscle groups are contained in the legs, developing them represents an essential component for the majority of other exercises and practically every single compound exercise, like squats, deadlifts, and overhead presses.

Thus, working on your legs at least once per week is critical for your physical progression, which will enable you to reach your workout goals.

If this didn’t give you enough motivation to power through that leg day, check out the collection of leg day quotes I prepared below. 

“When life knocks you down, do a squat. Every leg day brings you one step closer to strength.”

“Embrace the shake, love the burn. Leg day is where warriors are made.”

“Squats are like life’s challenges. The harder they get, the stronger you become.”

“Never skip leg day. It’s the foundation of your temple.”

“Leg day is a love-hate relationship. You hate to do it, but you love the results.”

Funny leg day workout quotes

The only leg day I am interested in is the one that involves lifting my legs on the couch. In that case, every day is leg day!

Witty excuses to avoid leg days have become a running joke in the workout community. Everyone is in on it.

You officially become a member of the workout community only once you start complaining about leg days.

If you do not complain, then everyone is well within their right to think that you are a freak of nature.

To begin your official workout community membership, I have prepared a collection of my favorite funny leg day workout quotes below. Check them out!

“Leg day: the day your legs feel like they’ve texted you ‘we need to talk’.”

“I have a love-hate relationship with leg day. I love complaining about it and hate doing it.”

“After leg day, even my thoughts feel sore.”

“Stairs after leg day? You mean the ultimate extreme sport.”

“Leg day is like Monday. Nobody likes it, but it makes you stronger.”

Leg press workout quotes

Everyone keeps saying that squats are the ultimate leg day exercise and they are completely right.

However, it is also the most difficult leg exercise, which makes it less optimal for beginners. 

Moreover, some people are just not comfortable with squats and are looking for an alternative. The closest and best alternative is the leg press.

This exercise will help you develop the necessary muscles that are needed to transition to squats or act as a more comfortable alternative to squats.

Finally, the leg press can be a complementary exercise to squats through which you can focus on isolating various muscles in your legs.

Check out the leg press workout quotes, I have prepared and hype yourself up for some leg presses!

“The leg press isn’t just a machine, it’s a journey to stronger versions of ourselves.”

“Push through the pain, and the leg press will lead you to power.”

“Every plate added on the leg press is another level of strength unlocked.”

“In the realm of iron, the leg press is the throne. Sit, push, rule.”

“Your legs carry your journey. On the leg press, they carry your determination.”

After leg workout quotes

You thought leg day was painful? Wait until the day after. You will be walking around as if you have been horseback riding the entire day.

But you know what they say. No pain, no gain! Admittedly, there is a disproportional amount of pain involved in leg days, but there is also a disproportional amount of muscles growing if you compare it with other muscle groups.

So do not be discouraged by the discomfort in your legs. Be encouraged, because this is a sign of results!

To help you grind through the pain and give you a welcome excuse to stay in a stationary position, which does not involve moving your legs for a bit longer, I have compiled a set of after-leg workout quotes, which you will find under this section.

“Leg day: because who really needs to walk tomorrow?”

“I’ve survived leg day. Tomorrow’s forecast: 100% chance of soreness and pride.”

“Walking after leg day feels like a search for the lost treasure of mobility.”

“Stairs after leg day? I think I’ll just live on this floor now.”

“Every step post-leg day is a victory lap. Celebrate the wobble!”


Leg days can be frustrating, difficult, and in some cases even terrifying.

However, all of these issues are completely redundant if you are mentally prepared to overcome them and try to perceive leg days as the most productive workout of the week.

I hope these leg day quotes will help you foster a more positive attitude towards leg days.

If you have any additional thoughts or questions, feel free to post them in the comment section below.

Anita Krie

My fitness journey has been a story of constant evolution and discovery. I'm here to share insights and to keep you motivated. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned gym-goer, let's embrace the joy of fitness together and make every workout an opportunity to grow stronger and more confident.