It Is Worth It

It Is Worth It

Thursday Motivation: It Is Worth It

I can tell you that it’s worth it.
That you’ll feel so much better about yourself when you set goals and finally reach them.
That the first time you run a mile without stopping you’ll be the proudest you’ve ever been.
That when you slip on those jeans that didn’t fit 6 months ago and now they are too big, you’ll get the biggest grin on your face and do a happy dance right there in your closet.
That you’ll actually look forward to shopping and not hating the dressing room.
That life will become a little brighter.
Your smile will happen a little more.
You’ll have a pep in your step that wasn’t there before.

You’ll start feeling good about yourself. And that will pour over to other aspects in your life.
You’ll master the art of makeup.
You’ll wear your first pair of skinny jeans.
You’ll stop pulling at your shirt to cover your rolls.
You’ll start caring more about what you look like because it will make you feel good to know that you look good.
Your sex life will become less dull and more fun.
You’ll even laugh a little more.

Weight loss changes you.
For some, it’s a bad thing.
For most, it’s a good thing.
There is a person under there that you’ll only discover when you lose the weight.
And I’m betting she’s pretty damn awesome!

These inspirational words were written by Mama Laughlin, a full time working mum of two boys and wife. She started a weight loss blog to let other mums and women out there know it is possible to look and feel good about yourself. All it takes is some hard work and dedication.

I find her blog very uplifitng that is why I pay it forward. You can find her if you follow this link:

Wishing you all a wonderful day! Remember, it is worth every single drop of sweat! Stay strong! Stay motivated! You can do it!

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