Get Up. Don’t Sit.

Get Up. Don't Sit.

Do you know how much time each day you spend sitting? We all know that sitting for long periods is not only bad for your health but also burns very little calories. So get on your feet! I encourage you to stand whenever you can! Standing burns 1.5 times more calories than sitting. Walk around while you talk on the phone. It’s an easy way to burn extra calories. Shuffle papers while standing up, take the stairs instead of the elevator, do your filing from a standing rather than seated position, run an errand. Stand on public transport, stand when you’re at the doctor’s office, stand while drinking. Stand as much as possible. “Simply standing up for three hours a day will see you finish the year 8lbs lighter! If you have a desk job replace the comfy office chair with a balance ball or a posture-supporting stool. These chair alternatives force you to sit up straight and use your core muscles for support; you can burn a few extra calories per hour as a result

Remember, more steps, more movement – more calories burned! Have a great day! 

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