Strengthen Your Core

Your core is where the origin of all movement begins. Whether you are a stay at home mom or a professional athlete, and everything in between, everyone needs to have a strong and functional core. The core is not just the front of the stomach, as many people may think, but rather it is the LPHC- the lumbo pelvic hip complex. Knowing the fancy scientific term is not important though, just know this means that the core is not simple but complex. Pretty much everything but your arms and legs make up the core. Muscles that attach to the hips, pelvis, spine, ribs, and shoulder blades make up the core.
It is very important to have core training as part of your regular exercise routine. Set a goal to do two core exercises before every workout. For example, you could do a side plank and a glute bridge (which both strengthen your core). – By Lifestyle Made Easy

FITNESS TIP: Do you train and you still don’t see ABS?  Watch your salts and sweets ~ to see abs. Train you stomach muscles just like any other muscle and make them burn!
It doesn’t take your stomach muscles long to recover so it’s okay to work them hard. Abs and Glutes are just some of the major muscles groups that are used everyday in some way, this is why it doesn’t hurt to give them that extra attention. Pick two days during the week to train your abs. An example would be:
Monday: Shoulders and Abs
Wednesday or Thursday: (depending on how sore you still are) Back, Biceps and Abs. Don’t miss the opportunity to squeeze in a couple of plank routines. (via World Physique Magazine)

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