Stay True To You

Stay True To You

What being healthy means to me:

– Learning to love yourself. It means being kind to yourself. It means being your own best friend. It means being patient and forgiving to yourself and being able to, at times, let things go.
– Working out because you want to not because you have to and giving your body time to rest between workouts.
– Knowing your limits. It’s not healthy to workout when you don’t feel well. Listen to your body and respect its signals.
– Going for the healthier choices but eating what you want every now and then without feeling guilty about it. Being healthy is being balanced.
– Knowing you’re unique and not comparing yourself to others. By that I mean being comfortable in your own skin. It means accepting and loving your body as it is. Loving yourself is having self-respect and only after you’ve accepted yourself, you can think about changing.
– Being satisfied with where you are in life but changing things if necessary to be happy and where you need to be. Don’t criticize yourself for being less than perfect. Always do your best and remember that not reaching perfection is not failure.
– Giving your body, mind and spirit the nutrition they need to keep you healthy and satisfied physically, mentally and spiritually.

Hello, everybody! Stay honest with yourself and the people around you, listen to your inner voice, trust your feelings – intuition never lies and always strive to better yourself.

Happy Tuesday! 🙂

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