Reward Is Your Life

Thursday Tips for Weight Loss Success:
(1) Be prepared. Always have a healthy snack with you, so you don’t eat something you’ll regret.
(2) Watch what you drink! Be aware of hidden calories.
(3) Build accountability and awareness. Food journaling keeps you accountable. It takes one minute of your day, but it is worth your life – so find the time.
(4) Use your internal GPS system. Have in mind that you can get back on track immediately if you ate something I didn’t plan. “When you make a wrong turn in your car, the GPS does not say, ‘you messed up, now drive off a cliff.’ Instead, it recalculates your route and gets you back on track immediately,” says nutritionist Elizabeth DeRobertis “This principle is key to assure you don’t judge yourself too harshly or fall too far off track after one ‘splurge.”

Remember “it takes consistency, commitment, focus and a great support system. It is worth the hard work and the reward is your life!” Commitment to change your life must come from both internal and external motivation. “Internal motivation” means that your motivation to accomplish your goal comes from within you. Your motivation is from you. It is determined by your own values and goals.
Make wise choices and have a great day!
(Source: Weight Loss Success: HungerShield Reveals How Christine Lost 155 Pounds)

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