Remove the Voice of Insecurity

Remove the Voice of Insecurity

“Do NOT listen to the nasty little voice that pops into your head and tells you you’re not good enough, strong enough or worthy enough to live the AMAZING life you were meant to live!! The creeping voice of self-doubt kills success, and can bring even a giant to its knees. Think you are the ONLY one that is visited by the nasty little voice of self-doubt? Think again! EVERYONE, no matter how self-assured you think they may be, hears that little voice in their head now and then, especially during times of self-growth! The TRICK is to turn OFF that voice, shut it DOWN, kick it to the curb and simply begin to BELIEVE! Only YOU are in charge of how you feel. Only YOU can choose to move PAST the self-doubt and move toward a BETTER tomorrow. TODAY is the day to REMOVE the voice of insecurity and REPLACE it with a voice of REASON that tells you CAN, you WILL and you ARE worthy and able of becoming the YOU that you were MEANT to be!” – Shannon Dey

Wishing you a very happy day! 🙂

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