Plan Ahead

Plan Ahead

I hear many people talking about how difficult they find weekends at times. If they ‘fell’ off the wagon was in fact on the weekend. Their problems range from skipping workout, not drinking enough water, not staying on track with clean eating or drinking too much alcohol and indulging in sweets. If any of this sounds familiar to you, then try to plan out your food and exercise the way you do during the week, in order to stay focussed. Plan to get some exercise both Saturday and Sunday. It doesn’t have to last long or be difficult – aim to at least 30 minute walk each day. I believe this is totally achievable. Find some weight loss support (group) online or in your community. There’s a good chance someone else in the weight loss support group is struggling with the same thing.
For me, the key to staying on track with my clean eating is preparation and planning. This way you will more likely to stick with good and healthy choices. Remember that clean eating is a lifestyle, not a diet. Remind yourself daily why healthy eating is important.

Wishing you all a very rosy Sunday <3

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