It Is Not Easy But It Is Worth It

I often hear people say they want to start eating healthier and lose weight but have no idea where to start. My response is always pretty much the same. First, before you start get mentally prepared. Second, weight loss starts in the kitchen. And third, including a regular and daily workout in your weight-loss plan is a must. So before you make any step in the weight loss direction you need to see where you’re right know ( you need to start keeping a record of what you eat each day) and how motivated you are ( motivation is essential ). “Eating is something that we do every day without really paying any attention. Once you start writing it down, you may learn things you never knew about your habits. You could be drinking five pops a day and have no idea. Taking stock of where you are now gives you a sense of what needs to change.” Therefore, to achieve what we all want: stable and sustained weight loss you have to permanently change your lifestyle by incorporating healthy eating habits and regular exercise, as well as learn to deal with the psychological side of weight loss and habit change.

I’m not saying it’s easy. What I’m saying is that it’s WORTH it.

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