Create Happy

Inside of your body are natural painkillers, called “endorphins” that make you feel good. Studies have shown that strenuous workout is the best way to release them and boost your mood. How does this work? Exercise gives you endorphins–endorphins make people happy and happy people are fun so they make other people happy. That means happy creates happy; it is a cycle. So whenever you feel down, sad or angry get moving. Cassandra Abernathy says that it doesn’t have to take long for the endorphins to take effect; just push yourself and you will feel the benefits. The best part? You can retake this painkiller however many times you want, in whatever time period you choose. There is no promise you won’t get addicted, but no prescription is needed. Try it; your body will thank you later. 🙂

Happy Sunday everyone! Take every chance to spur these hormones on. Lght their fire and reap the benefits! Happiness is a habit – cultivate it. Have a rosy day! 🙂

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