Choose Endless Possibilities

Choose Endless Possibilities

“Remember, you don’t need to take exercise too seriously – you just need to take it regularly.” – Martha Lourey-Bird

It’s Sunday – Take it easy. And by that, I mean you don’t have to hit the gym for optimal weight loss. There are so many more options than just squats, jumps, pushups and planks. The possibilities are endless. So find the activity that you enjoy doing it. Things that make you happy gives you the energy and will to do it.
I always make Sunday a fun day. I so enjoy to dance and love to go swimming. Swimming is a great all-round exercise and extremely gentle on the joints. I used to go ice skating with friends. Boy, I had so much fun! Ice skating is an aerobic exercise that aids in weight loss. It burns between 250 and 810 calories an hour depending on weight. Not to mention that ice skating builds leg muscles, particularly the hamstrings and quadriceps.You will also use your back and abdominal muscles to maintain your posture and balance. These are all fairly inexpensive sports that can be completed by the entire family. They give so much fun and cardiovascular benefits.
Always choose a physical activity you love to do, and that is easy to build into your regular routine. Remember to DO IT REGULARLY, you need to find something you enjoy doing.

Exercise keeps your spirit lifted and your mind healthy and active.

Have a lovely Sunday!

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