You Earn Your Body

Are you familiar with the saying if a great body came in a bottle everyone would have one?  The truth is, if you want a nice body  you will have to work for it every single day . There is no magic pill in the world which will make you lose weight. And there  is no “luck” involved in getting your best body either. It takes hard work. It takes discipline. You have to eat clean and train hard.

“… Making the choice to eat healthier, to limit the “junk” is one that you have to make over and over again, each time you go to put food in your mouth. Each bite is a choice. How bad do you want it? Having a healthy body is something we all have to earn. It’s not a gift we’re simply given. We have to work to get it and keep working to maintain it. How important is it to you? How will improving your fitness and achieving a healthy weight enhance your life? How will it make you feel about yourself? Earn it. Make the decision…get healthy, look better! Today, make the choice: EXERCISE and EAT foods that FUEL your body! Move one step closer to the body you desire!” – Julie Michaelson, Personal Trainer & Nutrition Coach

Having a fit body tells the world a great deal about the soul inside the skin.  A nice  body sends a message  that you are healthy, in body and mind, and that you nourish your body.


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