I Workout, Because I Can

Don’t wait until illness creeps up on you, before you start taking care of your health. Start today, right now through proper diet and daily exercise. When I say  diet, I don’t  mean deprivation or starvation. I mean eating healthy and cutting out the things that are bad for you. For food can either heal or harm. And when you exercise, you’re dedicating one hour a day to your own health. It means  you’re doing something good for you and for your body. This way you’ll have more energy, feel better about yourself, and also be improving not only weight related health issues, but also your health in general.
Don’t let your good health slip away just because you’re giving yourself too many reasons why you CAN’T take action. There are many reasons why you should take care of your body and health. One of them is that your family and loved ones need you. You need you.
“Start today, by taking charge of your health…Good health is like having money in the bank and I mean lots of it. When your health is good, you have it all. But when your health is failing and is bad, you have nothing.” – Evelyn Parham

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