Movement Makes Your Body Stronger

Movement Makes Your Body Stronger

Benefits of regular physical activity:

No. 1: Reduces body fat
No. 2: Controls weight
No. 3: Combats health conditions and diseases
No. 4: Strengthens muscles and bones
No. 5: Wards off viruses
No. 6: Reduces diabetes risk
No. 7: Boosts mood
No. 8: Strengthens your heart so it doesn’t have to work so hard
No. 9: Promotes better sleep
No. 10: Puts the spark back into your sex life
No. 11: Lowers blood pressure
No. 12: Improves coordination
No. 13: Keeps your mind sharp
No. 14: Boosts your immune system so that you get sick less often
No. 15: Prolongs your life

There are numerous reasons why regular exercise will improve your overall health, your mood, fitness and mumch more. Any kind of physical activity is a great way to feel better, gain health benefits and have fun. So keep moving!

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