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Food Journal Keeps Your Weight Down For Eternal

One of the simple secrets to losing weight is  keeping a  weight loss journal. It makes you accountable for your weight loss plan because  writing down what you consume makes it tough to fool yourself. Write down everything you eat and drink every day. I suggest you start with your  current weight, measurements and goals. Journal will keep  you focused on your goals …

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Do It Every Day

Dear Readers, every day do something that will inch you closer to a better tomorrow. Remember that fitness  is a lifestyle not a  trip. No matter where you are on your fitness journey, whether you are just starting out, or have been traveling  for years, I applaud you for a worthwhile pursuit.

Bring Out The Squat

Squat is one of the best exercise for  building muscle and losing weight. It also shapes your butt and burns the most calories per rep.  To prevent injuries  keep your knees in proper alignment as you squat.  There are three things  my personal trainer taught me about squats: 1. Make sure that both feet remain grounded on …

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