Decide To Take The Challenge And Defy The Odds

Speaking from my mid 40’s here 🙂 YES our metabolisms DO slow down with age and we DO naturally lose muscle mass and accumulate more fat- ESPECIALLY as women.

We actually lose 5 lbs of muscle every 10 years… HOWEVER, this does not mean DOOMS DAY. You don’t have to accept it and you don’t have to give up on your goals.

You can choose to have age be your excuse and make it your limiting belief OR you can DECIDE to take the challenge and defy the odds. You can CHOOSE to focus on preserving the muscle that you do have and even better, BUILDING more muscle as you age.

You can CHOOSE to nourish your body with foods that help fuel you with energy and focus and that keep you vibrant.

You can CHOOSE to be more active, sit less, and make stress reduction a priority.

You can CHOOSE to connect with more positive, supportive people on the same mission as you.

And yes, you can change your relationship with empty calories like over processed foods and junk.

You can’t control aging but you CAN control the actions you take and the decisions you make.

My question to you is HOW BAD DO YOU WANT IT?

– Natalie Jill Fit

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