How to Tell If You’re Working Out Hard Enough

Ever wonder if you’re doing enough in your workouts? And how you do know that your body has pushed itself? Speaking from my experience I can say that your body will tell you! That’s something you have to develop by experience. It’s about the way you feel. A good training gives you  that uniquely flushed feeling. Your heart  is about to pound out of your chest,  you’re breathing strong and sweating hard, but and the same time you’re feeling great. “The basic rule of thumb is that when you’re working out you should feel a little soreness the next day. If you’re not, you’re probably not working hard enough.”
“As always, everyone is a bit different and other factors, like diet and rest, play a key role in how a workout feels in the moment and afterward. Once you find your sweet spot don’t be surprised if you have to change up your intensity over time. As you get used to exercise and build muscles the process gets easier and you need to adapt and change your intensity.”
High intensity in the gym is good, but realize your limits to avoid possible injuries, burnout and overtraining. Also don’t forget to take the time for a total recovery of your body. Incorporate proper rest days into your schedule. This will help you recover and increase long term results.

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