Uncover Your Abs

Uncover Your Abs

Belly Flat Tip: You can’t spot reduce!

This means that you can’t burn fat only from a particular spot on your body. You can’t lose belly fat by doing lots of crunches. In order to get defined and visible abs, you need to reduce body fat all over. For this you need a healthy diet and exercise routine that includes strengthening  and cardio. Consistency, good nutrition and efficient, high-intensity exercise, along with adequate rest is a way to get strong and firm abs. Remember that ABS are made in the kitchen!

“When performing abdominal exercises, the repetitions should be in a SLOW, controlled manner: one repetition per 2 to 3 seconds. Add additional resistance by holding a dumbbell in your hands when you crunch. Increasing the resistance and doing reps in a slow manner will give better results than doing 100 fast, unfocused crunches.”

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