Turn Plans Into Action

Turn Plans Into Action

It’s so easy to let our feelings and thoughts get in the way of our actions. But if you just keep showing up despite of many excuses you’ll get the results. When you desperately want to cancel workout appointment just get up and say, “I can do this.” Don’t let excuses keeping you from reaching your goals. Don’t let them win! Skipping exercise can become a hard habit to break if you skip out on your workouts too often.
Yes, we all have days when we don’t want to work out. I have those days, too, but when I’m just about to give in to the temptation to skip it I remind myself how good I always feel when I’m done. Getting started really is the difficult part. Once you get going, you’re generally glad you did.
So when you do’t feel like working out DO IT ANYWAY. Even if it is just for 20 minutes. Every workout counts! Remember, the only bad workout is the one it didn’t happen!

Wishing you all a great and productive day!

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