Train Your Mind – See the Results On Your Body

Train Your Mind - See the Results On Your Body

“Motivation is important. So is, knowing what to do and how you do it. But it is not enough. What happens in head, stays in there as long as you didn’t transform it into action. Imagine yourself just starting a race, if you didn’t move, thinking “ok, I have got to run, so fast and reach the line, and I should slow down even if I got tired, I am strong and I can do it.. Bla bla” trust me, keep talking and you will never get what you want. So if you have a dream, a goal or an activity in mind, just go for it! Learning is good yet it doesn’t mean a thing unless you apply it.”

Good morning, everybody! Train your mind and see the results on your body! When you’re struggling imagine your dream body.

Have a rosy day! 🙂

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