Toughness Is In The Spirit

Toughness Is In The Spirit

If you’re trying to eat clean and exercise regularly, but having truble to incorporate those good habits into your daily routine the First Lady has this advice for you:
“So if you’re on the treadmill and [can do] five minutes, get on the treadmill the next day and stay on for six minutes. And then the next day, add another minute. And if you miss a day, don’t kill yourself, but get on the next day. And just slowly think about, How can I build? How can I challenge myself a little bit more, whether it’s exercise or diet? Because as you’re slowly biting off those pieces, your body is adjusting, and all of a sudden you’re walking on the treadmill for 20 minutes, and the idea that you couldn’t walk for five minutes is a thing of the past.”

How many times have you started a Monday morning with a resolution like this: “From this day on, I’m going to workout every day, no matter what and I won’t eat sweets anymore.” In order to be successful you must first set realistic weight-loss goals. You know, they need to be specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and tangible, and then not beat yourself up when you fall off the wagon. Have in mind that you are going to slip, but do your best to have as many good and healthy days as possible. Small, gradual changes will lead you to overall bigger change in your lifestyle.

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