‘Tis the Season to Stay Fit

Fitness tip for the upcoming holidays: “Small things can really add up when it comes to burning calories. If you do an intense 20 minute cycling session in the morning (300 calories), hit the gym and lift some weights for 1 hour in the afternoon (200 calories) and then go for a short 25 minute evening walk with the family (100 calories) you will have burnt an extra 600 calories in a day. If you do this 3 times per week over Christmas that adds up to 1,800 calories a week and 7,200 calories over the month of December. With all the extra food and drink on offer around this time of year these burned calories could go a long way towards preventing the Christmas bulge… Have in mind that burning just 100 extra calories each day adds up to 700 calories a week and an impressive 3,100 calories over the month of December.” – Free Fitness Tips

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