Let’s Stop Looking And Start Doing

Quick reminder for this morning:
“There is no magic pill, formula, supplement or plan that can do the work for us, as much as we want to believe that there is. When we continue to look for the answer “out there”–that *one thing* that will be the answer this time–we do ourselves a disservice, because instead of hunkering down and doing what we know we need to, we stay distracted LOOKING for the right plan.
The right plan is the one that you will do. And it starts with what goes in your mouth and ends with getting your butt to the gym. Consistently. One meal at a time, one workout at a time. Everything else is a distraction.
So let’s stop looking and start doing, even if it’s a small step forward. So what? We will get there in time. Give up the urgency and think instead about sustainability. Start small and grow from there. Because the truth is that if we don’t start doing *something*, it’ll never get easier.” – Jillian Sarno Teta

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