Stop saying, “I’m Fat!”

Stop saying, “I’m Fat!”

Stop saying, “I’m Fat!” You are a woman. You are blessed. You are lovely. You are a good mom. You are a sister or a wife. There are many ways you can define yourself. Don’t affirm that “fat” is your identity. Don’t affirm the concept that all you are is one singular thing. Sure, you may need to lose weight, but your identity is something else. Overweight may be your condition and you can be truthful about that. Just something to think about when you are talking about yourself, especially when you are talking to yourself. Words can be powerful. – Ajima, Black Women Losing Weight

Instead of saying “I am fat” you can say “I struggle with weight. Make it less about you and more about the weight. Take it as a condition and not who you are. Acknowledge that you are overweight and then take ACTION.  Tell yourself that you can be healthier, get fit and reach your goals. Moaning about being overweight won’t get you anywhere. Only fighting to be fit, strong and healthy will get you the results you want. Motivate yourself! Nothing good ever comes without hard work, dedication and commitment.  Make your ‘wants’ into reality by setting small and realistic goals. Feeling better about yourself, having more energy, being healthy, shedding pounds, well none of these things come to us. We make it happen. We create it!


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