Take It One Step At a Time

Take It One Step At a Time

“If you’re new to fitness, don’t complicate your journey by introducing too many elements at once. Take it one step at a time. You don’t need to change your eating, run 5 miles a day, do Turbo everyday, get a nutritionist, a dietician, a massage therapist, a personal trainer, boxing coach, the list goes on and on. Pick two to three things and start there. Build your Fit Life on a strong foundation and it’ll support you for a lifetime.” – Chalene Johnson

Beginning a weight loss journey can be confusing and hard, especially for those who are just starting out with weight loss program. The problem is, as I see it, that many people try to change too much, too fast. Not realizing that successful weight loss is a long-term process and a challenge. What you need to do is to make a plan that is right for you and then get off on the right foot as you begin. The most difficult part is certainly changing your eating habits for the long term, but this is the only way to successful weight loss.
Sticking to a weight-loss program is very difficult and requires a lot of sacrifice on your part. You will have to change the way you eat and start exercising every day. So remain POSITIVE because negative thinking may turn into your biggest enemy when you’re trying to lose weight. And the second thing is surround yourself with a good support system. You don’t need doubters, skeptics and haters. What you need is friends who will cheer you up and be there for you in the time of need. People you can turn to when you feel like quitting and slipping.

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