Stay Committed To Your Commitment

“…I get a lot of people, who are motivated to finally get in shape, only to have outside sources hold them up.  Whether it’s work, or friends, or Harry Potter movies, there is always something that takes priority.  Why don’t you make fitness a priority for you.  Here’s a few questions to ask yourself.  Would you cancel a doctors appointment?  Would you cancel work, because you just feel like going to a movie?  There are all kinds of reasons people think are justifiable to delay their fitness goals, but to me, none of them are.  If you take fitness as a priority and treat it just as any other appointment you have, you’ll find that your goals will come much quicker than if fitness can take a backseat to other things.  Treat it as your job, and it won’t let you down.  Treat it as something that can be cancelled or substituted whenever, and you will find that goals won’t come as swiftly as they say in the infomercials.” – Tony Cress

I know that staying committed and motivated toward your goal is not an easy thing to do. It takes a lot of discipline and consistency to transform your bad habits into good ones and then make those changes stick.  I believe in little things.  Small steps, small actions will increase your commitment to weight loss and healthy lifestyle. It is important to remember that any exercise is better than none.


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