Starve The Negative Thoughts

Are you living a life of mediocrity by hiding behind when’s and then’s?

I will do _____________ WHEN I reach a certain weight, WHEN I feel more confident I will do_______, WHEN I have more self-esteem I will do________. WHEN I reach a certain size/shape I will be pretty/good enough.

Or  I will lose 20lbs and THEN I will do ___________. I will become more outgoing and THEN I will do __________.

I need to tighten up and THEN I will be attractive enough to date.I think you get the picture. We often put off our goals, hopes and dreams by hiding behind when’s and then’s.
For me it was just fear rearing it’s ugly head again. This unknown, unseen fear was keeping me stuck and living a life of mediocrity.
If you’re tired of living a mediocre life and letting fear keep you trapped, it’s time to stop hiding behind the when’s and then’s of life. (By Jennifer Slovinski, Beachbody Coach)

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