Show Yourself Some Tough Love

Show Yourself Some Tough Love

I was never much good at math at school and the more it got away from basic stuff the more I struggle with it. I felt sorry for myself, crying my eyes out every time I opened the book and keep telling myself I will never graduate from grammar school let alone from college. I felt that no matter how hard I try I can’t understand math. But when I was just about to accept the fact that I’m going to fail math my professor showed me some tough love. He said, “Anita, you spend to much time focusing on “failing” when you should be focused on “succeeding.” You can’t expect new results from old story. So stop dwelling on the past or worrying about the future and start working hard. You can and will improve your math performance if you change your attitude and habits. Just do your best and trust your knowledge. Remember, repetition is very important in math, so make sure you keep doing problems until they stick in your head.” So I did. And guess what I also did? I graduated!

Since then I believe in a little thing called though love.  Being good to yourself sometimes means you have to be tough. But that doesn’t mean you discard the love part of tough love! The point of giving tough love is to help yourself cope with all of the difficulties that changing your lifestyle in order to reach desired weight may bring.
We all tend to sugar coat the truth from time to time. We spend way to much time feeling sorry for ourselves, making all sorts of excuses for not going to the gym and finding reasons why losing weight is mission impossible. What we should do is stop being negative, swallow the truth that weight-loss is not going to be a piece of cake  and get to work.

So, if you want to improve your health and lose weight you will have to accept some  harsh truths, such as…
1. You’re going to have to change your lifestyle and change is hard.
2. Lase up your shoes and do something out of your comfort zone.
3. You will have to show up in the gym every single day.
4. Sometimes it will hurt  but you’ll have to keep going anyway.
5. You’re going to have to eat  food that supports your goals. Yes, this means you will need to ditch the junk food and incorporate more vegetables and fruits into your busy lifestyle. Not to mention you’ll have to say goodbye to soda drinks. You will need to prepare the food yourself. Yes, this will take time.
6. At some point you will probably reach a plateau – that frustrating point when your progress comes to a standstill, but you won’t get  discouraged, you will stick to a workout schedule and won’t revert back to your old bad habits.
7. There will be moments when you will want to give up and throw in the towel. But you won’t because your health depends on it.
8. Yes, it won’t be easy. It will be hard. But if you do go through with it then know this: it will always, always be worth it.

Sometimes you just have to drop the sugar coating and treat yourself a bit harshly with the intent to help yourself in the long run. When it comes to losing weight, sometimes all you need to do is push yourself hard and believe in yourself.  Hard work will always pay off not matter what you’re dealing with.

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