Self-Acceptance Is the Key

Self-Acceptance Is the Key

“I’m not kidding when I say, I literally looked in the mirror and said … “Okay, Roni, that’s it. Look at you. This is YOU. And that’s okay. You are making changes to be a healthier, more active person. Your body will change in the process but you need to accept yourself now. It’s the only way.”

Self-acceptance is an important first step to real progress toward a healthy weight, says Roni who call this the chicken egg problem of weight loss. What comes first, happiness or healthiness?
Most people believe that once they hit an ideal body weight, size or shape they will find happiness. But the need to be thinner can cause an unhealthy relationship with food or exercise and the decisions you start to make become about losing weight, not about making healthy choices and being the best person you can be. You may think, “Well, losing the weight is the point isn’t it?” Well, sort of. Losing weight is a byproduct of being healthier. If you are making decisions purely based on the desire to be thin you may be making unhealthy decisions like limiting certain healthy foods, starving yourself or even going down the route of purging. These things may make you thinner in the short term but they aren’t healthy and in essence you are setting yourself up to fail.
Rony says, that desire to be “skinny” led her down dangerous paths of dieting that, in essence, made her fatter becasue she found hereself in the classic yo-yo cycle of hell. No to mention the damage she did to her metabolism, body and mental state.
She says that the first step to a healthier YOU is self-acceptance and having a good talk with yourself. Facing fears about your body is an important step towards self-acceptance and self-acceptance is an important step on your weight loss (healthy) journey.
This body is yours, don’t hide it in a shame and start respecting it. Move on from this silly notion that you have to be thin to enjoy life, to be happy.
Instead of doing unhealthy things just to reach desired weight, you should focus on making good choices that will lead you to a healthy balanced life.

Source: Self-Acceptance Is the First Step Forward, Divine Caroline

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