Don’t Ruin Your Hard Earned Week

Don't Ruin Your Hard Earned Week

Experiment to find your own diet.

“Some foods are obvious no-no’s: trans fats, processed food, white sugar, and excessive alcohol. Beyond that, though, everyone’s body is different, and just because a diet book is on the best-seller list doesn’t mean its program will work for you. “Some people thrive on a strictly high-protein diet, while others do great with fruits, grains, and beans,” says Jillian. “You’ve got to ask yourself questions: When I eat meat, do I feel sluggish or agitated? When I eat fruit, do I feel satiated? Sometimes it takes a lot of trial and error to find the right combination of foods. And as a trainer, I’ve learned that you also have to take human frailty into account. If you can’t bear the idea of giving up bread, choose whole grain and try to eat it with some protein.” The protein, she explains, will slow the breakdown of the bread so its carbs won’t cause your blood sugar to spike and then—as so often happens—crash, making you hungry again for something starchy.” –

Hello, dear Reader! Weekend is here! Time to enjoy it, but don’t let your weight-loss willpower off the hook. Eat healthy, watch your portions, fit some workout into this weekend, plan ahead and don’t let your hard earned week be ruined in two days.

Happy Saturday! 🙂

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