Roll Your Way To Relaxation

Have you been wondering what it is people do with those foam roller exercises and stretches? Well, foam roller helps you stretch, strengthen and relieve muscle pain and knots throughout your body. I’m using it as a part of a warm-up before workout.  Foam roller decreases the tension in your muscles and gets the body ready for exercise. By using it, you will give yourself a deep tissue message and a good stretch prior to beginning any kind of exercise session. It can also be used for stretching exercises. You’ll be reducing muscle pain and tension simply by using your own body weight. Foam Roller is a great tool to reduce muscle soreness, speed recovery and prevent injury.

My friend asked a  good question: Which is better,  massage therapist or a foam roller? Well, of course hands-on work is far better than a foam. However, many of us can’t afford to see a message therapist every day, that’s why a foam roller sounds like a good solution to me.



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