There Is Power In Positivity

There Is Power In Positivity

Misery loves company, so stay away from those negative individuals out there. They will try to knock you down for trying to better yourself. Their negative comments can sabotage not only weight loss but so much more. A woman once said to me that she had friends who always undermine her efforts by making comments, such as: “No one ever keeps the weight off!” “You’ll never reach your desired weight because you always quit.”
Being surrounded by negativity can cause stress and stress may lead to emotional eating. So surround yourself with those who see the greatness within you, even when you don’t see it yourself and with people who believe in you and inspire you. Stay positive, stay motivated, stay focused on your goals…YOU CAN do it! Have in mind that people who attempt to sabotage your weight loss do this for different reasons, most likely because they find themselves threatened in some way by your efforts to lose weight.

Wishing you a positive weekend! 🙂

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