Be in a Position To Choose

Be in a Position To Choose

My mother was right when she said: “Be in a position to choose.”

“She first uttered these words to me when I was in college when I complained to her one day that the coursework was hard…She gently explained that if I did well enough in school, I could choose to go to medical school or any school for that matter.
Why am I telling you this? The answer is because the same principle applies to your health and longevity. Taking care of your health doesn’t guarantee a long and happy life…But I have found time and again, that the more you invest your time and effort into something, the more likely you are to have better choices and outcomes…My favorite quote is “Chance favors the prepared mind.”…Basically, it means to some extent you make your own luck. Again, no guarantees but working hard and persistently towards a goal does make that goal more likely.
Similarly, eating properly, getting appropriate daily physical activity, sleeping sufficiently, etc. does improve your odds of staying healthier longer.
So whether you want to live to 100 or not, by taking care of your health now, you improve your potential of being in a position to choose. The same applies to weight loss and avoiding chronic diseases. No guarantees, but then nothing is in life.” – By Dr. Steven Charlap, MDPrevent

Hello, dear Reader! Adopting a healthier eating habits can open up lots of new choices. Happy Friday! 🙂

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