Make It Personal

I just read an article about how some people stay super motivated…To get sky-high drive, know exactly why you’re working out, and make those reasons true to you, says Michelle Segar, Ph.D.,”For most people, trying to meet someone else’s expectations or assuage guilt isn’t sustainable,” Segar says. Register for a marathon just to one-up your superathletic sister and you may never cross the finish line. Try to lose weight to please your guy and the scale could tip the wrong way. Homing in solely on better-body goals, like slimming your thighs, is a no-no, too, says Jeremy Adams, Ph.D. Gymgoers who fixate on the physical payoff can lose their motivation in a couple of months, he explains, because it can take awhile to see the results they want. But if you focus on WHY exercise is a positive aspect of your life, you’ll be less stressed and more energized—and those sources of immediate, constant and meaningful inspiration will keep you hooked on breaking a sweat.
The bottom line is MAKE IT PERSONAL, PUT SOME FUN IN THE FITNESS, DON’T COMPARE YOURSELF TO OTHERS and you’ll get your butt up and out of bed for daily workout.

Wishing you all a great day!

(Source: SELF Magazine)


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