Don’t Let Monday Stress You Out

Don't Let Monday Stress You Out

“Be confident in your ability to power through. Some of you are having your first experiences with setting boundaries for yourself. It’s difficult to get started, however, once you do, you’ll be instantly transformed. If you’re seeking your best life, you have to give yourself permission to do so. One of the ways we do that is to establish our personal do’s and do nots. Holding firm to putting our love, time, and energy, into the people places and things that uplift us, helps us hold fast to our big goals. Keep it positive, keep your “house” clean, and you’ll be JUST fine.” – Chalene Johnson

Hello, dear Reader!  Don’t let Monday stress you out. Set small weight loss goals for this week and make sure you meet them. Each day, choose one bad habit and replace it with a GOOD one. Slowly you’ll work into a weight loss routine that is permanent and a true lifestyle change.

Happy Monday!

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