Mind Your Muscle


When you’re working out don’t just go through the motion. For example, if you’re doing a squat focus on your breathing, make sure your knees are staying in line with your toes and your back is flat. Squeeze your gluteus as you return to standing position. This is FOCUS! When doing situps contract your abs, keep your abs tight. When working your core you can engage the abdominal muscles simply by concentrating on them. Always exercise with focus and intention for results that you wish for. Don’t just fly through your workout regimen without thinking about what you are doing or trying to achieve. Going merely through the motions means that you aren’t pushing yourself. It is for this reason that most people go to the gym day after day and rarely see results. Be present during your exercise sessions in order to get the best results from your effort. Being present means you are focused on what you are actually doing when you move your body.

Source: www.newyouprogram.com


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