Mind The Mind Mend The Body

The mind is a very powerful tool. Before you can get in shape and lose fat, you have to envision the body you want. If you can’t visualize it, then you’ll find it difficult to attain your goals. After all, your body follows your mind.

This isn’t just a fitness thing. The greatest athletes in the world also have the world’s strongest minds. They envision running faster, jumping higher, scoring more points than any of their competitors. These athletes accomplish their goals before the task even gets started.

If you can master your mind, your time in the gym and the kitchen will be much less challenging. Your mind controls everything you do; so you must turn your head in the right direction – forward. Don’t let yourself look back. Be the master of yourself, and you will achieve the body you always wanted. – By Obi Obadike, Bodybuilding.com

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