How Did Marilyn Stay in Shape

We all know Marilyn Monroe as an American actress, model, singer and a woman with classic beauty who became famous all over the world with her sex appeal. However, only a few knew that she was not only committed to her work but also to her  fitness routine.

She was aware  that working out and eating right were the key to her appearance and a part of her job. Marilyn was on low carb and high protein diet. She ate a lot of steak (sometimes for breakfast), eggs, liver juice, grapefruit, and some greens. That put her on the forefront of the health-food movement.

Biographers also say Marilyn devised her own workout plan and was one of the first famous females known to routinely lift weights. She got up around six in the morning every day, to go for a jog and she would also use some dumbells to tone her arms.

She spent at least 10 minutes each morning working out with small weights.  Her main form of exercise was calisthenics. She also did stretching and find dancing like a fun and creative way to stay fit. In this aspect, she was very much ahead of her time.

According to reports from friends, Monroe was a homebody who loved to do her own shopping and healthy cooking, sometimes elaborate meals at home.

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