I Love Fitness

I Love Fitness

”Why I fell faithfully in love with FITNESS” When you push your body, you also push your mind to think bigger! Exercise not only made my body healthy but made my mind capable of so much more. I truly realized for the first time I was creative. My spirit soared to new and exciting highs and I continue to evolve with a healthy body mind and spirit. Each day is a blessing and filled with miracles. That’s what exercise and eating clean did for me. If that doesn’t make you want to exercise then throw the lottery ticket away because no matter how much money you have you can never buy the vitality good health brings. That’s the miracle you will discover. The miracle of truly living your best life.” – Karen Ficarelli

Good morning, everybody! Nothing clears my head better than a good sweaty workout. It’s also a great way to translate anxiety and adrenaline into a better body. Fitness pushes me to be a better version of myself, gives me the confidence and self-esteem and just makes me happier. But most of all fitness helped me establish and maintain healthy eating habits and a positive body image. Why do you love to exercise?

Happy Sunday! Remember that healthy is happy! 🙂

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