Love Yourself Enough to Exercise

Love Yourself Enough to Exercise

I’m sipping my coffee and nodding along while reading an article about self-worth and workout…I thought I share it with you as a Monday motivation.
“What’s the number one thing you need in order to exercise? I posed this question to some friends of mine and got a variety of answers: Money (to hire a personal trainer, personal assistant, etc.), motivation, time, energy and, from one person, “A crane to haul me out of bed in the morning.” However, you might be surprised to learn that the most important element in consistent exercise is how much you value yourself. A group of women who continued to exercise after completing a structured exercise program found that the most important aspect of adherence wasn’t the type of exercise they did or how much weight they lost. It was self-worth. As the study authors suggested, “Women must value themselves enough to continue to participate in physical activity once they start.” This study involved women, but this concept applies to all of us. Negative thinking is the biggest barrier to exercise, but you can learn how to change your thinking…if you value yourself enough to try.”

Today love yourself enough to exercise! Happy Monday!

Source: Guide, written by Paige Waehner

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