Live Active Life

Spend your Sunday outdoors. A change of scenery and place would do you good. Dedicate this one day to connecting with nature, yourself and each other. Exercise in a natural setting benefits mental health as well as physical. It also have some appealing advantages – fresh air, a free does of vitamin D, and an opportunity to exercise your mind. There’s so much to do if you want to burn calories and get your heart rate up while having fun. You can go hiking, you can dust off your bike or you can just take a nice long walk. Try to make an outdoor activities part of your lifestyle. Plan them with your family. This way you will spend some quality time together.

Have blissful moments and SEIZE THE DAY! 🙂

“A healthy life is more a marathon than a sprint. So start where you are. Choose sensible, sustainable shifts over instant cures and quick fixes.”

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