Kick Bad Habits Out Of Your Life

Kick Bad Habits Out Of Your Life

Saturday Motivational Tip: Give Your Fridge a Makeover

What’s in your fridge? If you’re too scared to look then it’s probably time to pimp your fridge. What you eat in private, is what you wear in public. Remember, when you’re hungry, you are more likely to reach for foods and snacks that are not always the healthiest so it’s important to stock your refrigerator with healthy foods. Put the healthy stuff front and center. When you open the door, fruits and fresh vegetables will be the first thing you see. Keep your favourite unhealthy foods out of sight. Store them at the bottom of the refrigerator where you can’t see them. Hopefully you’ll forget that they’re actually there!

Freshen up your fridge with healthy and various food groups! Wishing you a very happy Saturday! 🙂

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