Make Good Decisions Today

I was laughing out loud yesterday when I read my friends status saying:” Not my day! But I feel better after eating entire chocolate bar…now I’m only pissed at myself ( not the entire World).”
Yes, “If you want to reach your goals, you have to change your thinking. What do I mean? I mean, instead of doing what you want to do now, think ahead of where you are going and work backwards. You can’t always make decisions based on what is right in front of you. You have to look ahead and project the repercussions. Then, you can make a decision based on the projected result. Too often we do what feels good now, but what feels good now often times has a horrible result. Being lazy feels good. Eating a cookie tastes good. Skipping a workout on a bad day is tempting. Blowing your diet when you are depressed can be comforting. All of these feel goof for the moment. But the fact is, those temporary pleasures are just that – temporary. How will they leave you feeling afterwards? If you thought you were depressed before you eat a half gallon of ice cream, how do you think you’ll feel after you eat the ice cream? THAT, my friend, is the reality.
Tomorrow most likely will come, so if you really want to make good decisions TODAY, you need to think how those decisions will affect your TOMORROW, ” says Bonnie Pfiester from pFITblog

Dear Readers, wishing you a great day! Make good decisions today so you won’t be  mad at yourself  later. 🙂

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