Give Your Fridge a Fit Makeover  

Give Your Fridge a Fit Makeover  

Wednesday Motivation: You have to eat right for the fat to take flight! 🙂

The best way to stay on track with healthy eating is to stock you refrigerator for weight loss. The key to having a diet-friendly fridge is to keep high-fat, high-calorie foods and drinks out of sight and out of mouth. It’s simple…if you don’t have junk food in your fridge you can’t eat it. Therefore, clear out an unhealthy food from your kitchen. The potato chips in the cabinet, the ice cream and French fries in the freezer, chocolate yoghurt, sodas and tacos in the fridge, candies and cookies in the bowl on the counter… Sometimes our will power just isn’t strong enough, so we need a few tricks to help us get by. Anyway,  fill your fridge with diet-friendly foods like raw vegetables for snacking, variety of fresh fruit and vegetables (including broccoli), Greek Yogurt, eggs, salmon, chicken and turkey white meat, ground flaxseed, cold pitcher of fresh water and whole-wheat flour. “Your refrigerator can be your best weight loss tool — or it can help you turn your diet into a disaster.” Make sure you keep good food in your kitchen, and healthy snacks in your purse, Ladies. 🙂
To control your cravings for food hang a photo of your favourite swimsuit on the refrigerator door and the goodies inside will be easier to ignore. It worked for me!

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