Focus Your Energy On Even The Tiniest Acts

Focus Your Energy On Even The Tiniest Acts

Thursday Motivation: Focus your energy on even the tiniest acts!

If you want your weight loss journey to be a success you need to put your effort and all of your energy into it. Small steps can help you lose weight in a big way. Like eat lean meat, include veggies at lunch, switch to whole grains, drink water, skip the soda, eat fruit, dump the donut. If you can’t make it to the gym don’t turn into a coach potato. Rather than doing nothing, perform your daily tasks in and around the house. The calories burned while you’re doing household chores can really add up. In fact, tasks like digging and raking the leaves not only burn a lot of calories but can help tone muscles in your arms and legs. Scrubbing the bath for 30 minutes burns 200 calories, cleaning windows for 30 minutes burns 125 calories, vacuuming for 30 minutes burns about 90 calories, the same amount you’d burn in 15 minutes of kick boxing.

Doing daily chores cost nothing and burn calories. So no excuses! There are tons of stuff to do in your house to loose calories if you for some reason can’t hit the gym.

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