Find Your Passion

Find Your Passion

“When it comes to careers, relationships and hobbies, most of us understand that if we’re going to stick with something and get good at it, we need to have some passion for it. Yet few people apply this concept to their fitness pursuits: Instead, they slog through routines that bore or frustrate them when they could be enjoying fun, active pastimes that engage their bodies and minds, and stoke their spirits. “I think most people define exercise far too narrowly,” says fitness instructor Tim Haft, MA, CPT, whose specialty is helping people find their fitness passions. “People assume that enjoyment is irrelevant, and that exercise is like medicine — you just have to grin and bear it,” the former New York University career counselor explains. As a result, he notes, people rule out fun activities that in fact are probably ideal exercise for them. “My No. 1 measure of success with any new fitness routine is how much fun I’m having now,” she says. “I don’t look at numbers like weight, heart rate or calories anymore. It’s about how good I feel.” – Gina DeMillo Wagner, Find Your Fitness Passion

Hello, dear Reader! Enjoyment is the key to sticking with any kind of physical activity. If you like what you’re doing, you’ll do it with enthusiasm and commitment. You’ll never achieve real success unless you love what you are doing. And physical activity is no exception. If you haven’t found the right workout for you or you’re getting bored with the current one, here’s a few suggestions how to find what you love:

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