Eat To Live, Not Live To Eat

“Everyone seems to hate the “diet” word. To many, it translates to “doing without”, “too restrictive” even “deprivation.” It should be a positive word, not a negative one . It should be a way of life and fuel for energy, health and continued feelings of youth. It is something we can control in an uncontrollable world and it is the most important way to control our personal future. A poor diet too frequently will result in obesity, lethargy, poor health and ultimately, low self esteem and lowered energy.” – Natalie Jill

Remember that physical exercise and a balanced diet has a major role in achieving weight loss goal and long healthy life. Balanced diet isn’t about starvation or deprivation.  Rather, it’s about having more energy, and feeling great in your own skin. But most importantly, eating a balanced diet gives you lasting results instead of a “quick fix”. And the lasting results is what you strive for.

A balanced diet is a breeze to adhere to forever.

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