If You Don’t Squeeze It, No One Else Will

If you don’t squeeze it, no one else will

The great sage Steve Carell once asked the greatest question known in the history of the world: is it true that if you don’t use it, you lose it? When it comes to the glutes, this is the absolute truth.
For a variety of reasons (constantly sitting on them all day, never really learning how to use them in the first place, etc), most of our backsides are just plain ‘ol weak and inefficient. The problem doesn’t correct itself when we load up the barbell and expect the glutes to get their act together without being properly taught how to. This would be similar to taking a 6 year old away from their coloring books and snacks and throwing them into an advance physics class – they’re just not ready.
If you don’t use ‘em, you will lose ‘em. Friend’s don’t let friends lose their glutes. So work your glutes ever day and get ‘em strong! The more you turn your glutes “on” and actually FEEL them working, the easier it will be to call upon their awesomeness when you need it.

Remember: If you don’t squeeze it, no one else will.


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